Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

How to turn on Ipad Suddenly Shutdown Turn Off itself

I have this bizarre experience a week after getting my Ipad from the Apple store. What happened was when playing the Ipad suddenly shutdown or turn off by itself out of the blue. I tried to turn it on again using the power button but it wont do. Then i charged it for 8 hours as i thought the battery is weak, but still the Ipad wont turn on either.

Till then i thought there must be something wrong with the Ipad and i am starting to get worried if i have to send it to the Apple Store for fixing. I began to search the internet to search for the caused of the problem and probable solution. Fortunately i have found some info from one blog which i forgot the link. 

How to turn it on again is pretty simple: Just press and hold the power button + home button simultaneously for 10 second. The Ipad should be turn on again.

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