Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

Looking back on 2007 iPhone Printing

Reflecting back on all the news from the printing and imaging industry in 2007 is a bit overwhelming. In my recent post (and Hard Copy Observer print column) about the Amazon Kindle, I summarized a few of these important hardware developments in the opening paragraph.

But one of of my most popular posts of the year, based on search results and keyword analysis, was my July 19 entry entitled "iPhone Printing". That post, and a few follow-ups, has been a consistently popular Web destination, which tells me there is definitely a demand for printing from the iPhone. Unfortunately, that post offers no solution for the unmet user need to print from an Apple iPhone, just relates the possible opportunity. Later in the year, I went back and forth with HP and their Print 2.0 blog, where Patrick Scaglia offered the promise of HPs Cloudprint solution, which promised a way to direct previously created documents to local printers, but not the kind of quick on-demand iPhone printing that others may have in mind.

So Ill make it a 2008 resolution to spend at least a bit of my time (and space in this blog) to champion the cause, for iPhone users like me to be able to get at least a quick print solution for the iPhone, and also check in on the HP Cloudprint solution that seems to have remained rather dormant since the companys flurry of activity in August/September.

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