Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Printer industry blogging activities expanding

To the faithful readers of Jim Lyons Observations, you heard it here first!

I am honored to have been recently asked to add to my role as publisher of this blog, "". Beginning immediately I will be adding to my responsiblities in the world of blogging, by taking on the role of Editor over at "Printer Industry News". "PIN" has been around and on my JLO blogroll for the last couple years, and is associated with The Photizo Group and "Managed Print Services".

The new responsibilty comes as part of my ongoing work with Photizo and the recent formalization of my role as Senior Consultant with the company. As editor of "PIN", I will be a contributor and coordinator of blog content, most of which will center around Printing in the Enterprise and the explosive growth of Managed Print Services. Photizo is at the center of this market category, as providers of the MPS Advisory Service and producers of the first annual MPS Conference, set for April 2009.

My work with Photizo promises to be both rewarding and challenging, but again to my faithful blog readers, Jim Lyons Observations, the blog, goes on! Keep reading here for topics here, ranging from consumer and specialty printing stories, to printing from the web, to breakthrough technologies and new-device printing (like from iPhones, Kindles, and yes, Androids), and of course coverage of industry conferences, to name a few of my favorite topics. And my column, "Observations", featured monthly in The Hard Copy Observer, continues as well, and can be found both in the print version of the Observer as well as right here at "".

Please keep reading here, and well be looking for you over at the "Printer Industry News" blog too.
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Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

Does 4 gallon gas make home photo printing a better deal

I was interested to see coverage in Business Weeks Technology section by Aaron Ricadela on the nearly year-old HP (NYSE HPQ) Photosmart A826 printer, in a piece titled "HP Wants You to Print More Pictures". (And yes, we believe the assertion in the title is true, the company really would like to see you print more pictures!)

One of the favorably reviewed (four out of five stars) printers "cons", though, are its "pricey prints", which Ricadela computes at 60 cents a pop for 4x6s, which he then compares to Walgreens 12-to-19 cents and HP Snapfishs 9 cents, but not including shipping and handling, of course. And maybe the equation, for those folks "...looking to stop making drugstore runs", does indeed change when getting to the drug store means burning off $4 and up gasoline! That thought even occurred to me over the weekend, when making my Walgreens run for a stack of photos that I preferred NOT to print (for non-economic reasons Ive discussed here often) on one of my home photo printers.
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Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

Bunga Desa Raib Guitar Chord Tab

Composer: Rhoma Irama
Genre: Dangdut
Origin: Indonesia
Tab/Guitar: This is simple version of the guitar chords. Pretty easy just strum at the right transition of the song and it sound good lol

G        D                      C        Em               G
Bunga desa yang kupu-ja raib entah ke ma-na

               D                C           Em              G
Tercabut dari jambang-an kala badai mener-jang

          D                C               Em            G
Kalau masih berse-mi di mana-kah rimba-nya

                D            C               Em      G
Kalaupun sudah ma-ti di ma-na pusara-nya

G         D                C            Em                 G
Taman tiada indah la-gi tanpa kau bunga de-sa

             D         C                 Em           G
Hati tak ceria la-gi tanpa kau bunga de-sa

D                             C
Bunga-bunga di tam-an

             Em             G
Terkulai turut berse-dih

                    D          C   Em         G
Karena sang primado-na telah per-gi

                       D            C
Kumbang-kum-bang kela-na

                     Em           G
Siapa yang me-nemukan-nya

             D               C  Em          G
Akan kutukar deng-an bunga seri-bu
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Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Industry Leaders Panel Discussion

Moderated by: Charles Brewer, Managing Editor, The Hard Copy Supplies Journal

Panelists include Brad Roderick, Executive Vice President, InkCycle; Joy James, Senior Vice President, Cartridge World; WooJin Kim, President, Charm Regent; John Weatherup, Sourcing Manager, Tech Ed Networks

Heres a small sample (and not a complete transcript) of panel Questions and Answers. To distinguish between respondents the answers are coded without names, due to the unedited nature of any blog post:

1) Are tough economic times a positive for third-party supplies players? (respondent A) US is tougher than the rest of the world. Print volumes are down a bit though usage of third-party supplies might be up proportionately. Price increases are on their way. (respondent B) Aftermarket is recession proof, but overall printing is down 10%-20%. Three reasons 1) end users are cutting back on discretionary printing, 2) SOHO printing fewer emails for cost reasons, and 3) certain industries, e.g. real estate, finance, are down and print volumes go with that. Respondent Bs organization is generally not seeing the declines. (respondent C) A client (law firm) reports overall printing reductions of 30%-35%. Awareness of lower cost and environmental issues is good for the aftermarket industry.

2) Are aftermarketers competing against OEMs or other aftermarketers? (Respondent A) Agrees that a big problem for the industry is competing amongst ourselves rather than against OEMs, in part because its easier once the customer has crossed over to using non-OEM supplies. (Respondent C) This is an old topic, ten or fifteen years at least. All competing for 25% of the market.

Trying to capture the full range of discussion is impossible here, and actually provides a great incentive for readers to attend the next Lyra seminar!
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Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Fixing your Printer What Types Of Things You Should Look For And Do When Your Printer Stops Working

Both home printers and business or work printers are very important to the every day lives of most people today; if your home printer breaks, you may not be able to print out some photos of personal documents that you may need or want to give to your family members and friends, and if your work printer breaks, you may not be able to print and pass out important business memos or documents for a presentation.

Some people may think that they can simply use a printer shop that will print documents for them when they bring in a flash drive or disk with the files they want printed, but this option is best used as a temporary option while your printer is being fixed, not a permanent solution to replace a printer altogether. Visit this website, and read more information about printer repair.

First of all, local printing shops are not always open when you need them to be, and they are consistently going to be more expensive than your home or work computer because they charge you for every single piece of paper you print. Another commonly considered option is to simply buy a new printer altogether, but think of it this way; if you simply bought a new car every time something on your car broke, you would be out of money pretty soon.

Therefore, it is usually much more effective to bring a printer to a person who is a licensed professional in the area of repairing printers; you can do this in a number of ways, and the rest of this article will discuss everything that you should think about before pursuing some printer repairs to get your printer back on track again. Often times, you can choose between the repair team picking up your printer, dropping off your printer or having the repairs done at your home or office; the advantage to dropping it off is that there is usually no extra fee involved.

Most of the time, you will prefer onsite repairs if your printer is very large, heavy, bulky or built for large volumes of printing, such as your printer in your very large office or factory. When choosing between different printer repair companies, make sure the repair company offers repairs for the make and model of your printer; some of them only work on older models, while other companies only work on newer models, so be sure to call ahead of time and tell them what type of printer you have to see if you can get repairs done. Follow this link, and learn more important ideas about printer repair.
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Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

HP NYSE HPQ RIM announce alliance includes CloudPrint for BlackBerry

In a press announcement released this morning, May 4 2009, HP and RIM have disclosed strategic alliance to "mobilize business on BlackBerry" smartphones.

In addition to the enterprise/IT elements of the alliance (HP Operations Manager for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, EDS Mobile Workplace Services), and the HP spokesperson one would expect in such a release, Ann Livermore, executive vice president for HPs Technology Solutions Group, theres a printing related element thats notable for several reasons.

A component of the alliance, in fact the lead item, is the inclusion of HPs CloudPrint solution for RIMs ubiquitous BlackBerry. In the words of the alliance announcement, the HP Labs-developed CloudPrint offers "a web services based solution that allows users to print emails, documents, photos and web pages using a BlackBerry smartphone, wherever they are – in the office, at home or on the road." Readers of this blog may recognize CloudPrint from previous posts, from August 2007 (see "Printing from the Cloud") and April 2008 (see "iPhone Printing Revisited").

Whether or not "Cloud Printing" becomes a meaningful benefit for at a least a significant subset of BlackBerry users remains to be seen, but kudos to HP on at least two fronts. First, I give credit to HP for keeping the CloudPrint momentum going for almost two years since its public revelation (and who knows how much longer it was rattling around HP Labs before that). And second, I note the beneficial integration of a printing feature/benefit to go along with the other Enterprise/IT elements of the alliance, just as customers might see and want things, even if the provider, HP in this case, isnt necessarily organized in a way that leads to this integration on a regular basis.
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Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Printer blogs get some love from the WSJ

Actually, the loves source is not The Wall Street Journal, but the Canadian marketing team of Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, authors of a recent book entitled "Getting to First Base: A Social Media Marketing Playbook" and consultants to, among others, Brother (Canada). Its the WSJs "Small Business" column and Shelly Banjo, though, who get the credit for publicizing the clever techniques used by Barefoot and Szabo, on behalf of Brother, in touting their latest color laser all-in-one printer (looks like MFC-9440CN or related model). Influential printer bloggers got colorful customized comic strips encouraging interest and comments on Brothers new product.

Check out the column, entitled "Attention, bloggers!".
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Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

Kodaks Print and Prosper campaign

Last night, as I was doing research for this blog and watching NBCs "Celebrity Apprentice", awaiting another appearance from an industry player similar to last years Kodak (NYSE EK) inkjet printer product placement, along comes a new series of commercials kicking off the new Kodak campaign for its inkjet printers, under the banner of "Print and Prosper".

Including such provocative messages as "customers overpaying $5 Billion too for ink", the 15-second spots push viewers to the web site,, where users can use the "OVERPAYMENT CALCULATOR" (lots of all-caps on this site). They can compare Kodaks "FAIRLY PRICED INK" and the savings they could have gained vs printing at various usage levels and models from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark.

Todays Wall Street Journal, in "Kodak Ads Get More Aggressive
Brand Takes On Rivals, Seeks Hipper Image as It Focuses on Printing Business"
by Suzanne Vranica, looks at Kodaks history and its current promotion strategy as managed by Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hayzlett.
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Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Observations The New Online PC Magazine

Observations: The New (Online) PC Magazine
Last month’s Observations column covered some recollections and, yes, nostalgia triggered by the delivery of the last print version of PC Magazine. I made the point in that column that the conversion of PC Magazine to an online-only but print-on-demand publication was an important milestone in the developing (though long-predicted) future of electronic distribution of content.

With fully enabled electronic communication, this information future (that we are well into by now) is based on efficiency of electronic distribution in terms of cost and timeliness. The predicted payoff for the printer and printing industries is that the information can still be consumed in printed form, at the reader’s discretion, by printing it locally. Theoretically, much of the content out there is best consumed in print form, so less central printing but far more local printing.

This month’s column is triggered by the arrival of an e-mail announcing the first fully online version of PC Magazine — the February 2009 edition. As a subscriber, it is available to me via the online reader site, which seemed new to me, but with a little investigation, I realized it is not new at all. As early as 2006, I used the site to take a look at the electronic version of eWeek, which began as PC Week (which is a whole separate set of memories and nostalgia that we do not have time for in this particular column).

PC Magazine looks like its old self in Zinio -- just virtual only starting in February 2009

PC Magazine has used Zinio for its digital distribution for a number of years, at least six according to my research. But remember, this is different than PC Magazine online that shares its content as part of ZDNet. Zinio features true digitized versions of real magazines, such as Popular Science, so PC Magazine is right at home and has been for a long time. Scrolling through the magazine online was a fairly positive experience, not much different than reading a large PDF in Acrobat, truthfully. It is the familiar linear construction and not the hyper-linked Web form we have come to know so well, and I hesitate to refer to it as a magazine metaphor, because it is a magazine, just in digital form.

Clever column title by Dan Costa -- page 27 of the February 2009 issue, read via Zinio

The surprise came when I wanted to print. First, the FAQ’s should have told me all I needed to know—“Q: Can I print? A: Yes. You can print from your digital issue of PC Magazine. The only limitation is that each print job is limited to the visible pages (one or two pages).” So in other words, recreating the print magazine was going to be a lot of trouble, many more steps than simply printing an entire PDF file. My bubble was burst—this is not a case of distribute-and-print nearly as much as a case of moving from print to online. I had pictured a print capability, based on the previous announcements or at least how my personal mindset interpreted those announcements, as sort of a “push one button and the whole magazine spits out” solution. Not the case.

Printed on an HP LaserJet -- two pages at a time (facing pages) maximum

So now the PC Magazine folks are in fact publishing in magazine format for online consumption. Some casual printing will continue, just as it does from Web browsers today, but it is the exception and not the rule. It will be interesting to see how long the magazine metaphor continues. It seems to me that once existing subscribers and advertisers trickle away, the Web version of the content will rule, even if the dream of a business model with two solid revenue streams from those two groups, may seem like a long-ago dream.

On the more positive side, as a PC Magazine subscriber for awhile longer, I will keep getting the digital issues, and I am hoping for quick delivery of the announced Zinio iPhone application, for reading PC Magazine on my trusty Apple iPhone.

Nostalgia For PC Mag Printer Issue

After the last column closed, I received e-mail responses from two PC Magazine insiders that I thought my readers would enjoy as well. Remember, it was the last column where I waxed nostalgic about the old PC Magazine Annual Printer edition.

The first response is from Michael Miller, who served for many years as PC Magazine’s Managing Editor.

“The printer issue was a big deal, for years the biggest single project in the labs until we started a similar project for PCs in the fall. The coordination required to make it work was immense, too—the labs folks and the editors would have these big spreadsheets to keep track of everything. All the vendors would come in and explain their products to us, but in the end, it was all about the lab tests.”

The second response is from M. David Stone, still with the magazine, and someone many of us in the printer business have known, or known of, seemingly forever. David is currently listed in PC Magazine’s masthead as a Lead Analyst for PC Labs, but he’s “the ultimate” when it comes to printer reviews and has been for a long, long time.

“As for memories: I could be wrong, but I think I’m the only writer who participated in every printer blockbuster issue—including one year when I was writing a book but snuck in one review just to maintain an unbroken record. All those years tend to blend into each other, but I clearly recall in the early years a core group of repeat offenders sitting in the labs every year, calling out—and answering— questions like, ‘What’s the Epson Escape code for compressed text?’ After two or three weeks of this, each of us had all the important codes for all the key languages memorized, only to half forget them before the next year’s project. After Windows took over from DOS, we stopped entering the printer commands manually, but a few of us still remember what a ^H means. (That’s a backspace, for those of you who never needed to know.)

“I also remember the early days of network printer testing, when setting up a printer to work on a network was a project by itself. To make sure we could achieve this, we asked vendors to send a technician to the labs during testing. In general, we first tried to set up the printers ourselves but gave up once we decided that the particular printer’s setup was beyond human ken. I remember a case when it took the vendor over two days to get the printer working. Fortunately, network printer setup has gotten a lot easier since then or I’d have time for far fewer printer reviews.”

Thanks for Michael and David for sharing those memories!
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Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

How to turn on Ipad Suddenly Shutdown Turn Off itself

I have this bizarre experience a week after getting my Ipad from the Apple store. What happened was when playing the Ipad suddenly shutdown or turn off by itself out of the blue. I tried to turn it on again using the power button but it wont do. Then i charged it for 8 hours as i thought the battery is weak, but still the Ipad wont turn on either.

Till then i thought there must be something wrong with the Ipad and i am starting to get worried if i have to send it to the Apple Store for fixing. I began to search the internet to search for the caused of the problem and probable solution. Fortunately i have found some info from one blog which i forgot the link. 

How to turn it on again is pretty simple: Just press and hold the power button + home button simultaneously for 10 second. The Ipad should be turn on again.

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Senin, 13 Januari 2014

Payment Proof from Bluehost Affiliate

Bluehost affiliate program is no scam, in fact i am using their hosting service as well for my site free classified site Below is the payment proof from Bluehost USD $130 via Paypal. In order to get your payment the requirement is as long as you hit the minimum payout amount which is $100 then you are eligible for payment. It takes 45 days to process from the day you hit $100. The bottom line is each signup you are getting USD $65. For example i got only 2 signup with total $130 earning and you are more than eligible for payout.

Why Bluehost is one of the web-hosting.

1. Unlimited Space
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. Affordable rates
4. Partners: Wordpress, Zen Cart, Drupal, PhpBB, Magento Joomla, etc.
5. Great for blogs and e-commerce hosting

What you have to do to make money with bluehost: sell their service to earn USD $65 for each user sign up. No hidden charges, all you have to do is just sell their service to other fellow webmasters who wants to make websites. The affiliate is free of charge to join. This is is not MLM or Pyramid scheme lol.

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Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

Looking back on 2007 iPhone Printing

Reflecting back on all the news from the printing and imaging industry in 2007 is a bit overwhelming. In my recent post (and Hard Copy Observer print column) about the Amazon Kindle, I summarized a few of these important hardware developments in the opening paragraph.

But one of of my most popular posts of the year, based on search results and keyword analysis, was my July 19 entry entitled "iPhone Printing". That post, and a few follow-ups, has been a consistently popular Web destination, which tells me there is definitely a demand for printing from the iPhone. Unfortunately, that post offers no solution for the unmet user need to print from an Apple iPhone, just relates the possible opportunity. Later in the year, I went back and forth with HP and their Print 2.0 blog, where Patrick Scaglia offered the promise of HPs Cloudprint solution, which promised a way to direct previously created documents to local printers, but not the kind of quick on-demand iPhone printing that others may have in mind.

So Ill make it a 2008 resolution to spend at least a bit of my time (and space in this blog) to champion the cause, for iPhone users like me to be able to get at least a quick print solution for the iPhone, and also check in on the HP Cloudprint solution that seems to have remained rather dormant since the companys flurry of activity in August/September.
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Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

Looking for a better cloud receipt printer

The problem of remote printing

I have been looking for a solution to print out receipt-like stuff remotely, be it online food order or e-commerce shipping request.  As a geek person, I also wish it to be cheap enough to use.  So far I have not had great success in finding such a product/service.

A few promising candidates are:

Little Printer from BERG
  • Expensive. I mean, very expensive. 
  • Not durable.  The construction fits for a hobby project, but not shop floor.
This little printer fits the bill except for its price tag.  I dont know about you guys; a little printer retails for $219 plus $40 shipping is insane to me.

    SMS/GPRS Printer
    • Need to roll(develop) my own server infrastructure.
    • Requires mobile data plan. (Expensive in Canada)
    This $99 device is almost right for my purpose.  Only it is offered by some Chinese suppliers that I do not have a lot of faith in their software quality.

    E-print, Cloud Print, Epson, HP, Canon
    • Large size. (Dont like a full size laser-jet on the desk.)
    • Printing delivery by email, no API/Service for delivery status.
    • Maintenance issue. (ink, toner, paper jam)

    Google Clould Print
    • Can only use under someones gmail account.  Not ideal for large number of deployment.
    • Requires computer(or Raspberry Pi).

    Seriously, how difficult it is to make a receipt printer that fits my use case without breaking the bank?
    • Connects on Lan/Wifi (Free if I already have internet)
    • Easy to use API to print things.
    • Provide server infrastructure at very low recurring charge. (Just like Twilio)
    • And the printer sells for under $100

    (I will post another article on my own version of cloud receipt printer soon)

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    Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

    Whats sadder than a lost Amazon NASDAQ AMZN Kindle

    In my world, the only thing sadder would be a lost Amazon Kindle e-book reader thats not missed!

    Its been four weeks now since my Amazon Kindle turned up gone. This was the Kindle Id really been interested to use, paid the full $399 price, patiently waited for to arrive through Amazons multiple-week backlog, and then shared with my wife, a much more avid reader (of books anyway). We both were enjoying, for a few weeks anyway, at least some of the advantages of the state-of-the-art e-book reader. But obviously, not that much!

    Despite kicking myself for almost assuredly leaving it in the airplane seat pocket on a Friday afternoon flight, the truly interesting observational take-away is that I didnt notice it was missing for a full 24 hours. I cant imagine being unaware that my iPhone or laptop (or keys, or briefcase, or other vital possession) wasnt with me for a whole day!

    With the airline lost-and-found process now exhausted, my ambivalence towards the loss can clearly only be put behind me one way -- another new gadget some day soon! (But not a new Kindle -- tried it, kind of nice, but not worth buying another one, this generation anyway. Too many of the well-documented flaws -- each in itself minor but adding up to a mostly unpleasant and even at times annoying user experience.) And btw my indifference towards the loss made it into my sons friends Tumblr, so that was worth something right there!
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    Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

    Direct Marketing aka junk mail good for printers if it lasts

    Christopher Hinton has a piece on Marketwatch (see "Junk mail spurs growth for top printer makers") that highlights positive developments in the Direct Marketing field that mean good news for printer companies like Xerox (NYSE XRX), Kodak (NYSE EK), HP (NYSE HPQ), and Ocè (NL:35493). The surge in direct mail advertising (annual rate of 6% in the US) is spurred by growing capabilities in personalization (and its resultant increase in advertising response rates), as well as the declining effectiveness (e.g. TV advertising) or legal restrictions (e.g. telemarketing) of alternative ad media forms.

    Not all bodes well for the future of junk mail, however. An example of forces aligned against direct marketing mailings comes from right here in my home state. Last month, The University of Idaho announced that in a move to save cost, energy, and landfill space, their faculty, staff and students wont receive bulk mail through the university system, as of January 1, 2008 (see "University of Idaho vows to quit delivering junk mail"). Instead, the material will be bulk recycled!
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    Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

    December Observations TagMyDoc—A New Way to Share Documents with Lots of Great History

    also published in The Hard Copy Observer, December 2011

    Observations: TagMyDoc—A New Way to Share Documents, with Lots of Great History

    TagMyDoc – A New Way to Share Documents, with Lots of Great History!

    In the spirit of the “Year in Review” stories the team at the Hard Copy Observer has been working on this month, I wanted to take on something similar for Jim Lyons Observations, and look back over my year or two’s worth of monthly columns to see what might jump out as worthy of further mention, especially where several (at the time) seemingly disparate items now fall together to form (a now) obvious pattern.

    But then a new app for the iPhone, from a small company in Canada, came to my attention and it pulled underneath it so many different themes I have explored lately, including the following:

    • Mobile Apps and Smartphone Pervasiveness
    • Cloud Imaging and Storage
    • QR Codes
    • Social Media
    • Document Management
    And it also had an historic legacy, going back in our industry, which as regular readers will recognize is one of my favorite aspects of a story as well.

    It started with one of my favorite weekly features, from online tech-news source, Business Insider. On December 10, the weekly “Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week” by Ellis Hamburger, alerted me to the new app ScanMyDoc, and in fact had it in the second position in their coverage, right behind the long-awaited iPhone version of the extremely popular iPad app, Flipboard (see “August 2010 Observations --From the Magazine Rack and What a Difference a Year Makes!”).

    Xerox Smartpaper technologies that go way back (see 1994’s NYTimes’ piece, “Technology; Smart Paper Documents For the Electronic Age”, came to mind as I read the description of the app and its companion web-based document solution, “ScanMyDoc lets you share documents using QR codes - is a new website that lets you print out QR codes on documents, then save them to the cloud. Using the ScanMyDoc app, anyone who scans the code on your document can instantly download it. Its a cool and secure new way to share stuff. Plus, the app keeps track of your entire QR code reading history.” (
    So much more than another QR code reader, this seemed to be a fully thought-out solution from Montreal-based Knova Web Technologies. I downloaded the app, sought out the website and uploaded a Word document, retrieved and printed it complete with its identifying QR code, and was able to use the iPhone to retrieve it from the cloud, all in just a few minutes. I had to find out more!

    A good email exchange with Knova principals Gabriel Deschenes, CEO, Julien Leroux, Marketing Director of TagMyDoc and JP Desjardins, Communication Director, follows, as they responded to my questions via email.


    JLO: How did you come up with the idea for the solution?

    Knova: In a digital world, it is surprising that the process of sharing physical document is still quite tedious (anyone used a scanner recently ?). We wanted to find a way to make the paper document sharing process simpler and easier.

    Before TagMyDoc, here was no way of sharing printed documents with people unless you sent them to a link to a server that hosted the original file. Even with today’s shortened links, remembering any URL can be difficult since it is easily forgotten once you need to get the document.  You can still share it with Facebook, Twitter, [see “Observations September 2009: Document Management with Twitter? A Start Anyway”], or email.  But to open the door for real-life sharing of documents, we used the QR code to tag the documents because it is the easiest and most popular barcode in the world [see “January 2010 Observations -- From the QR Code sandbox — and will QR Codes help printing?”]. uses history to describe their highly evolved document management scheme

    So one day we come up with an idea, lets create an app that automatically tag some documents with QR codes that link to the doc you have in the front of your eyes. That is why we built a tool to easily tag your documents and provide people with your tagged document, a public link to it and the QR code pointing to your document. With this system, people can simply scan the tag to download the docs.

    JLO: Do you have a few "use cases" where the solution really shines?

    Knova: A lot of people are doing some presentations all around the world right now. Those people have others who want the presentation documents, typically PowerPoint. Since they didn’t have TagMyDoc when needed, they had to send emails with attachments to each of those wanting it.

    You can expect presence in schools also, and we have a couple of stealth projects that we prefer to keep it for us for the time being. Expect partnerships, extensions to popular software and applications and further implementation of document management in your daily life.

    JLO: What is the future, including how do you make money?

    Knova: We aim to have as many users of our service as possible by making TagMyDoc the easiest way to share documents in the digital as well as in the real world.

    For pricing plans, you can go see for yourself at We also plan to provide solutions for businesses that will allow them to make use of the TagMyDoc platform into their own segregated network. It offers more cloud storage, enhanced features, add-ins etc...

    Another neat addition for Premium users is the ability to batch-tag documents. With testing from the development team, we were able to tag 150+ documents in one batch upload without any hiccups, just to show the power of the TagMyDoc platform.

    For the beta launch of TagMyDoc, a Premium account is only $1.99/mo and a Premium Plus account is only a buck more at $2.99/mo. We believe in micro-payments for our customers so that’s why these are incredible prices for the features you get. We plan to support the other popular Office application, Microsoft Excel [in addition to the “coming soon” Word and PowerPoint add-ins]. Tagging Excel files will be very easy. An added benefit of Excel is that you will be able to specify the cell and column of your tag instead of selecting between corners. We plan to make further integration with ScanMyDoc, our QR code scanner, the fastest one in the App Store.

    JLO: Do you have plans to work with other cloud storage sites or document repositories (Scribd comes to mind – see “Observations May 2008 – Scribd, the YouTube for Documents?”)?

    Knova: TagMyDoc’s primary use is to tag documents as mentioned. Because of wanting to keep track of your documents, it became a hosting service as well. It quickly became more important for us to make this a hosting service without neglecting the tagging that goes on, so we added features like folders for organizing your documents, sharing documents, sharing folders, deleting documents and folders, renaming folders, password-protecting documents, settings, batch uploading, versioning of documents. Because people see Scribd, Dropbox, as a general file hosting and sharing service, we can’t say that we are in the same space. But we are already being approaches by some of those to add the TagMyDoc solutions to their applications, so for sure we are looking for a partnership but waiting for the most valuable for us and the other companies.

    JLO: Are you familiar with past efforts in printing/document management that have inspired or offered "how not to do" insight (Xerox Smartpaper comes to mind in this case)?

    Knova: Yes, we took a look to previous inventions that were done in the printing/sharing documents industry. Especially when you’re making a patent, you have to look to the art within from other patents in your domains. So then we knew about what was available before TagMyDoc and how it is different from the others’ inventions. The things we always founds with other inventions such as Xerox Smartpaper, is that there was a big education of the market to be done, people need to act in a different way and buy other instruments to benefit from the inventions.

    TagMyDoc use technology such as QR codes, which is the most commonly known and used 2D tag, it also depends on Smartphone and cloud computing. To benefit from TagMyDoc, we wanted peoples to use technology that they already know and use and most importantly, like! At the beginning we were thinking about creating 2D tags that can be only read by our own QR reader app, Scanmydoc. But we judged that this was a “how not to do it” way, even if we would have more Scanmydoc users by now. We are thinking long term and this way it is making this app easy to use and practical for everyone.


    As of two weeks following the Business Insiderreview, the ScanMyDoc app still has not warranted a user rating or review, but as the Knova executives acknowledged, these solutions take some time for education and awareness, even in the case of building upon existing standards. It is an appealing solution to me, if only because it incorporates some many technologies and solutions I have covered in the past several years. It is also interesting in revealing changing industry priorities – for example launching the smartphone-based solution first, with the Microsoft Office versions to follow – not something that would always have been the case! It will be interesting to keep an eye on this firm and its apps/solutions to see how things develop!
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    Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

    Error Message Check Ink U041

    Related Models:
    Canon Pixma MX300,MX318,MX700,MX850,etc
    The error message Check ink U041 appears in LCD display when the ink indicated by the error message start running low or running out. At the same time, error message The following ink may have run out. Replace ink tank shows in monitor. Since few amount of ink stays remain in cartridge sponge, we may continue printing few pages by deactivate ink level detection function.
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    Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

    Xerox Phaser 6300 6350 6360 no display garbled or inverted display

    If your Xerox Phaser 6300, 6350 or 6360 has a blank display, garbled characters, inverted or upside down display you most likely need to replace the control panel.

    Xerox Phaser 6300 Control Panel:  Part# - 333-4419-00.    
    Xerox Phaser 6350 Control Panel:  Part# - 333-4424-00.    
    Xerox Phaser 6360 Control Panel:  Part# - 101E28721.    

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    Xerox WorkCentre C2424 DADF Error Codes and Replacement

    If your Workcentre C2424 is getting a 39,010.8,.40 39,012.41, 39,013.42, or 39,014.43 you most likely need to replace the DADF assembly (Document feeder). This video will show you how.

    Xerox WorkCentre C2424 DADF Assembly:  Part# - 004K07270.    

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    Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

    Xerox 8500 8550 8560 8860 Ram Error

    If your Xerox 8500, 8550, 8560, 8560MFP, 8860 or 8860MFP is displaying a RAM Error, the most likely casue is your ram stick has gone bad. You can replace this with either the 256MB version part # 237E23640 or to speed up larger jobs, replace your memroy with 1 or 2 512MB sticks part # 237E23650

    Xerox Phaser 8500, 8550, 8560,8860 256MB RAM:  Part# - 237E23640.    
    Xerox Phaser 8500, 8550, 8560,8860 512MB RAM:  Part# - 237E23650.    

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    Lexmarak E260 E360 E460 X264 X363 Fuser and Heat Errors 920 925

    If your Lexmark E260 is flashing a fuser error, or if your Lexmarak E360, E460, X264, or X363 is displaying any error code starting with 920, 921, 922, 923, 924, or 925 you most likely need to replace the fuser, Part #: 40X5344 (110V - US & Canada).

    Lexmark E260/E360/E460/X264/X363 Fuser (110V)  Part# - 40X5344.    

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    Xerox Phaser 7700 7750 7760 no display garbled or inverted display

    If your Xerox Phaser 7700, 7750, or 7760 has a blank display, garbled characters, inverted or upside down display this video will help you repair it. Also, if you need to replace the control panel for any other reason this will help that as well.
    Part numbers are:
    Xerox Phaser 7700 Control Panel:  Part# - 116-0001-02.    
    Xerox Phaser 7750 Control Panel:  Part# - 333-4409-00.    
    Xerox Phaser 7760 Control Panel:  Part# - 101K57542.    

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    Dell 1815DN Jam at Document Feeder ADF assembly

    If your Dell 1815DN is jamming at Document Feeder (ADF assembly) the display may read Document Jam. You should replace the ADF Seperation Pad (Part# D1815-Z3) and the ADF Pickup Assembly (Part# D1815-Z4). Replacing these parts should be part of normal maintenance to reduce the likeliness of jams.

    Dell 1815DN ADF Seperation Pad:  Part# - D1815-Z3.    
    Dell 1815DN ADF Pickup Assembly:  Part# - D1815-Z4.    

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    Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

    Xerox Phaser 6180 6280 Replace Transfer Unit or Transfer Unit Life

    If your Xerox Phaser 6180, 6180mfp, 6280, or 6280mfp is displaying "Replace Transfer Unit" or "Ready transfer Unit Life" you most likely need to replace the transfer unit. For the 6180 and 6180mfp the part number is 675K47088. For the 6280 and 6280mfp the part number is 675K70583.

    Xerox Phaser 6180, 6180MFP Transfer Unit:  Part# - 675K47088.    
    Xerox Phaser 6280, 6280MFP Transfer Unit:  Part# - 675K70583.    

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    Xerox Phaser 7700 7750 7760 Jam at Fuser Error

    If your Xerox Phaser 7700, 7750, or 7760 is displaying "Jam at Fuser Open Left Door A" even though there is no paper near or in the fuser you most likely have to replace the Fuser Exit switch.
    Xerox Phaser 7700 Fuser Exit Switch:  Part# - 116-1543-00.    
    Xerox Phaser 7750/7760 Fuser Exit Switch:  Part# - 110K10651.    

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    Xerox Phaser 7750 7760 Fan Error Code 48 010 391 010 392 or 010 398

    If you have a Xerox Phaser 7750 with error code 48 or a Phaser 7760 with error codes 010-391, 010-392, or 010-398, this video will show you how to locate and replace the bad fans

    Xerox Phaser 7750 Fan Kit (3 Fans):  Part# - 7750-Z2.    

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